Keeping tabs on Scouts

A couple of days ago, I came across the voice memo I made when a bunch of us Scout Leaders were “relaxing” at Green Beret late last year. Along with playing Bunnies and Spoons, we were discussing the problem of keeping Scout records up to date with all the events, camps, hikes, nights away, etc that add to various activity awards. The discussion was so interesting that I recorded it.

We decided that what we needed was a technological approach that automated the capture of attendance. Various technologies were discussed including RFID, Near Field Communication and tatooed bar codes!

After listening to the voice memo, I realised that there was another solution that was becoming widespread, easy to implement and does the job exactly.

This is just a tease. Can you think what it might have been? I’m doing some work on it today and might have something to show off quite soon.

(Clue: anybody who has one of my business cards already knows the answer)