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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Site back up – after a fashion

OK, after the hiatus whilst I tried to get to the bottom of the problem, the site’s is back up. I reverted to the earlier Silesia theme while I played with the Headway 2 theme using the Theme Test Drive plugin.

I couldn’t get to the bottom of the problem so I replaced the Headway theme with one from another site; which is broadly similar. Unfortunately, it seems that something deeper was broken with Headway because this approach didn’t work.

To cut a long story short, I deleted Headway 2 and installed fresh Headway 3 Base. Again, I customised this in Theme Test Drive so that the live site wasn’t affected by me building a new theme in the background.

Headway 3 is significantly different to Headway 2, so it took a bit longer. It’s not right, but it’s close to where it was: enough to go live anyway.

I’ll tweek it over the next few days.

IOS 7 is designed to cause car crashes

Splitting podcasts away from music means more manual interaction needed I appreciate that it’s an incendiary headline but it’s there to express quite how strongly I feel about this. I’ve had various grumbles about IOS 7 but none of them have been major; until now. Most have been learning issues on my part: changed functionality,Continue Reading

iPhone 5S? – No thanks

It’s time to get off the continual upgrade treadmill for a while For as long as I’ve had a mobile phone, I’ve always been on a contract. In the past this has been great as it meant that I’ve been entitled to a regular upgrade. However, this entitlement has come at a cost and I’veContinue Reading

Nokomis Day Twelve

Irthlingborough to Wollaston This was to be our last day on Nokomis so wanted it to be a good one. Luckily, the day proved to be sunny and warm so we made the most of it by cruising slowly up the river. We stopped off at Wellingborough to empty the chemical toilet, dispose of theContinue Reading

Nokomis Day Eleven

Waddenhoe to Irthlingborough The weather was pretty foul when we woke up so we took it slowly, in the hope that it would improve. It didn’t! There was a mixture of drizzle and driving rain during most of the journey. It finally let up as we approached Irthlingborough, but by that time we’d had enough.Continue Reading

Nokomis Day Ten

Oundle to Waddenhoe – four miles and three locks We decided on a short day today as we really wanted to visit Waddenhoe; particularly The Kings Head. Thus, we had a leisurely breakfast and set off about 10. Just as we were setting off, we were passed by a boat being delivered up to Sheffield.Continue Reading

Nokomis Day Nine

Fotheringhay to Oundle As we were pressed for time on our way down river, we missed out a couple of places we wanted to see. The first was Oundle, the second was Waddenhoe. As we had broken the back of our journey back up river, we had time time to visit both. Today was aContinue Reading