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Family History

Ever wondered about your Genealogy or Family History?

At some time in our lives, most us show an interest in how we got to where we are: who our forebears were, where they lived and what they did. My mother has always been interested in researching our family’s history and I am now starting to take over this hobby as she grows older and less able to progress the work.

The primary projects are DAVIES, DUNN, HOWELL and STILTS/STILTZ: the families that meet with my parents.

My mother kept all her information on index cards, but I have been gradually moving it all into The Master Genealogist (TMG). Although now not maintained, I find TMG to be more than adequate for my use.

As a way of sharing some of the outputs of our efforts, I have started to compile a series of reports of the TMG data using Second Site. The first of these is a summary covering the DUNN, FICKINGER, HOWELL and STILTS/STILTZ families. Please note however that only deceased members of the family are in the reports.

New 9th July 2016

My mother has converted her many years of research into a number of compiled family histories. I plan to make these available over time. The first is the Dunn Family History. If you’d like a copy, my contact details are on the Contact Me page.