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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Why are they going in backwards?

A couple of years ago, my daughter gave me a bee house as a Christmas present. I put it up in a sunny part of the garden and waited. I can see it from my office window.

It’s had a few solitary bees buzzing about it and even a couple of Bumble Bees, but this year it seems to be Honey Bees that are attracted by it.

I was watching them all buzzing around and then noticed a strange behavioural pattern. If you look closely at about 0:30 you will see a bee go forwards into one of the holes, then reverse out, turn around, and go back in backwards.

I’ve seen this happen many times but I can’t see a reason. I think these are worker bees. As far as I know they only forage, they don’t build new combs.

Is Gay Marriage the Conservative Party’s Clause Four?

Saturday’s Times had a front page article about tensions within the Conservative Party: between the top and the grass roots. Apparently, a senior Tory considers some of the activists to be “mad, swivel-eyed loons”. My response is “What do you expect when political parties are so un-representative of the population at large?” The percentage ofContinue Reading