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Thumbs up for Microsoft Support

Microsoft Support persists to get through and close the call As readers of my Business Continuity UK blog will know, I place a premium on the quality of service I receive from those who supply me with products and services in my business life. My business depends on me having reliable access to high qualityContinue Reading

How to keep guests off your home Wi-Fi

It may be useful to let guests access the Internet from your house, but control what they do This post was prompted by a conversation originated by Robert Craven on Google+ relating to how guests expect to have Wi-Fi access when they visit. Leaving aside the social rules, here’s how you can enable this withoutContinue Reading

Site back up – after a fashion

OK, after the hiatus whilst I tried to get to the bottom of the problem, the site’s is back up. I reverted to the earlier Silesia theme while I played with the Headway 2 theme using the Theme Test Drive plugin. I couldn’t get to the bottom of the problem so I replaced the HeadwayContinue Reading