Moving this blogĀ again

I have been using the DominoBlog template since I started blogging back in May 2004, but now it’s time to move on.

The reasons for moving are two-fold:

  1. With my departure from elastictime and the creation of Agdon Associates I lost access to a data-centre hosted Domino server. I now have a Lotus Foundations server on my home ADSL circuit, and while that is OK the service availability is not good enough. Also, the bit of frigging I need to do each time the server reboots to expose the Domino http stack is becoming tiresome.
  2. Whilst I haven’t lost my appetite for Lotus Notes and Domino and would love to continue working with such a fine product, the fact is that there isn’t much Domino work out there. Consequently my efforts are directed elsewhere and so the desire to find an exteral host for the Domino blog is diminished.

The question is: where to go?

A new site is in development for Agdon using Drupal as its base. Drupal does have blogging built in but I quite like having my blog distinct from the business.
Given that I want the blog hosted and I want to continue to use, I seem to have the choice of Typepad (Moveable Type), WordPress or Blogger. Typepad is paid for but Blogger has Ads: not sure about that.

So, I am experimenting with all three for a few weeks. I’ll create trial blogs on Blogger, WordPress and Typepad and cross post to all three.