Ahhh, we have a problem

Testing the K2

  • Resistance checks
    • Pass
  • Assemble the Case and plug in the Front Panel and Control Board.
    • It’s starting to look like a radio now. Isn’t it small!
  • 4MHz Reference Oscillator Calibration Check
    • The target is 12090 kHz +/- 30 kHz. Mine is running at 12099.45. Pass.
  • PLL Reference Oscillator Range Test.
    • Target range is between 9.5 and 15kHz. Mine is 13.38kHz. Pass.
  • VCO test
    • Target is to be stable in the range 8 to 10MHz. Mine is 12.099.45 MHz. Fail 🙁
  • Time to get digging.