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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Another Tesco rip-off

Varina has just come back from shopping with yet another rip-off tale from the St Neots Tesco store. She was looking at Turkey prices ( even though we have already ordered ours – go figure).

Anyway, she noticed that a certain range of turkeys was on special offer: half price. The small print showed that this offer only applied to turkeys in a certain range of weights.

Well, what do you know; even though the space below was full, none of the turkeys was in the weight range that qualified for the special price.

How may people will get caught be this rip-off?

Incidentally, she challenged a member of staff who responded that they would look into it. Yeah, right!

Is it so hard to make decent coffee?

Why is so difficult for the English to make decent coffee? I ask after a particularly poor example served up to Varina and me in a Shrewsbury coffee house. Is it poor quality control, excessive cost control, ignorance, or a general inattention to customer service? I don’t know, but I do know that I rarelyContinue Reading

Have your kids forgotten how to play?

I spent the weekend away with my Scout troop. We camped at Harmergreen Wood in Hertfordshire on our annual woodland camp. Part of our regular programme of activities is playing “Wide Games”. Wide games are generally games of strategy played in the open air over a large area. Typically, a game will involve two teamsContinue Reading

Re-positioning this blog

(I nearly entitled this “re-purposing this blog”) but just about stopped myself) Now that is running smoothly I really don’t need this site for the business, so I’ve decided to use it for a personal blog. My previous blogs have always been a mix of personal and professional posts, whereas is (almost) strictlyContinue Reading