This is the head page for a series of pages of information relating to my hobby as an amateur radio operator.

Reference Information

Reference information

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My main area of interest is the use of Digital Modes on HF. For this I use FLDigi, WSJT-X (and it's companion JTAlertX) and Log4OM. I'm also using a variety of methods to improve my CW back to a state where I am prepared to venture back on the air.

I am interested in mobile operation as well due to the appalling terrestrial noise around my home QTH. I also do a fair bit of construction. A while back I built an Elecraft K2. However, my main rig is now an Elecraft K3S

Location Information

  • LOC: IO92uf
  • LAT: 52 13' 44" N LONG: 0 16' 47" W
  • WAB: TL16 Cambridgeshire (Old system) TL16 England (New System)
  • ITU Zone: 27
  • CQ Zone: 14

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