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What’s your business side-line?

What other sources of revenue do you have that keep you busy when your main business is slow?

This was the topic of conversation at this morning’s Pitch and Mix in Cambridge.

Many freelancers and micro business owners have more than one source of revenue. This may be because their main business is seasonal, or maybe it just doesn’t generate enough revenue.

Examples that were given were: renting out spare rooms in your house; selling stuff on Ebay; and various Network Marketing programmes. The best idea however, was probably busking!

There was a general feeling that if you have spare time, the best place to invest it is in your primary business. Use your time to improve your product or service; improve your message; or get more customers. However, for some people this isn’t an option: mainly because their business is seasonal. Let’s face it, not many ice creams get sold from vans during December!

Pitch and Mix

In the absence of Massimo, I ran this morning’s meeting, so I thought I’d write it up. Pitch and Mix is a weekly meeting that is held every Thursday morning at Clowns in King Street, Cambridge.

  • We start the formal proceedings at 09:15 with short introductions.
  • We then give up to six people the opportunity to have up to three minutes to tell us more about them, what they do, what they’re looking for, or to practise a pitch.
  • After this we spend the time up to 10:00 discussing a topic of mutual interest. Most, but not all, topics are of general interest to a micro business owner or entrepreneur, and focus on business, marketing and sales issues.

It’s a tried and tested format that works. We regularly have more than 20 people in the room, though our limit is 25.

Why not come along and see it action for yourself? Go to and join the group. We’d love to see you, and the coffee is superb 🙂

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