That whole flying business

It’s easy to see why people develop such a dislike of flying.
There I was, last night, travelling down to Heathrow to stay the night at Yotel prior to departing for Detroit and Oklahoma City.
Just as I was waiting on the platform at Acton Town, because London Underground was playing silly buggers with the trains, I checked my email. Lo and behold, Delta was delaying the departure of the DL19 from 09:25 to 11:30. Just enough Delta to ensure I would miss my connection in Detroit.
Luckily I have the Delta app in my iPhone, and it’s actually pretty good. I was able to swap to another, earlier, flight, this time via Atlanta; still get an aisle seat on the first leg; and then check in.
I wasn’t so lucky with the leg from Atlanta to OKC, I’m stuck in the middle “with you?)
Yotel was an experience. Not quite the coffin experience one gets in Japan, but pretty small. That said, the bed was comfortable, it was well equipped and it was reasonably cheap. I’ll use them again.


Author: Gareth Howell

IT Professional, radio amateur, scout leader and beer drinker. I enjoy helping small business use their limited IT budgets to best effect