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A personal view of the Olympics and Paralympics

After all the hype and hullaballoo about London2012, how do I feel after it’s conclusion?

Put simply, partly elated and partly deflated 🙂

On the positive side:

  • we had an amazing two days at the Paralympics last week;
  • the wheelchair rugby was truly awesome;
  • the Olympics opening and closing ceremonies were amazing;
  • the Paralympics opening ceremony was great (not sure about the closing ceremony, we switched off after 20 mins because we were being driven to distraction by Channel 4’s inability to balance the audio levels);
  • everybody in the Olympic Park and at the various stations we used on the Underground, Overground and DLR were friendly and helpful;
  • The BBC and Channel 4 coverage was brilliant (you have to feel sorry for US viewers who were stuck with NBC);
  • and of course the results speak for themselves.


p>All in all it was a great 5(?) weeks.

On the negative side: I’m battling with a sense of anti-climax and withdrawal symptoms. Admittedly, this was diminished by Lewis Hamilton winning the Italian GP and Andy Murray winning the US Open.

Perhaps I should supplement my sport watching with a bit of on-line gaming!

So, what will you take away from the games?