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Debugging the VCO part 2

After spending a bit more time this evening, it appears that the MCU is working OK. I can see logic level changes all the way through the chain from the MCU, via the PLL to the Low Pass Filter. That’s as far I got this evening. More to follow.

Ahhh, we have a problem

Testing the K2 Resistance checks Pass Assemble the Case and plug in the Front Panel and Control Board. It’s starting to look like a radio now. Isn’t it small! 4MHz Reference Oscillator Calibration Check The target is 12090 kHz +/- 30 kHz. Mine is running at 12099.45. Pass. PLL Reference Oscillator Range Test. Target rangeContinue Reading

The RF board is complete

OK, almost without realising it, I got to the end of page 55, turned over, and found that, in theory anyway, I have a working 40m all mode receiver. There are some tests to run through, but the first phase is reaching completion.