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Site back up – after a fashion

OK, after the hiatus whilst I tried to get to the bottom of the problem, the site’s is back up. I reverted to the earlier Silesia theme while I played with the Headway 2 theme using the Theme Test Drive plugin.

I couldn’t get to the bottom of the problem so I replaced the Headway theme with one from another site; which is broadly similar. Unfortunately, it seems that something deeper was broken with Headway because this approach didn’t work.

To cut a long story short, I deleted Headway 2 and installed fresh Headway 3 Base. Again, I customised this in Theme Test Drive so that the live site wasn’t affected by me building a new theme in the background.

Headway 3 is significantly different to Headway 2, so it took a bit longer. It’s not right, but it’s close to where it was: enough to go live anyway.

I’ll tweek it over the next few days.

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