Setting up a Remote Station – part 12

I now have the cabinet in which the station will be housed at the remote site. I looked at “designed” solutions for environmentally controlled, waterproof, secure external housings, but we’re talking loads-a-money. Luckily, my wife suggested the above: a “secure” metal office cabinet inside a plastic wheely bin cabinet.

The latter is mainly for protection against the elements. We have something similar for general storage in the garden and we’ve never had a problem with rain penetration. In any case, the equipment will be sealed in the inner cabinet, so a little bit of seepage shouldn’t be a problem.

The next task is to build it up to be, as far as possible, a self-contained and self-managing remote station that needs as little attention as possible whilst being fully accessible and controllable from home.

Author: Gareth Howell

IT Professional, radio amateur, scout leader and beer drinker. I enjoy helping small business use their limited IT budgets to best effect