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Nokomis Days Four and Five

Thrapston to Fotheringhay. 15 miles, 3 locks and Fotheringhay to Ferry Meadows. 15 miles, 6 locks

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Day Four

Day four saw us travelling from Thrapston to Fotheringhay; a distance of 15 miles and eight locks. It took us about six hours.

We travelled further because we want to sure of being at Peterborough by Saturday so we can meet up with Paul and Ron for dinner. This meant cruising at a faster rate, which in turn meant us burning more oil. The engine in Nokomis is a three cylinder Lister two stroke diesel and it’s quite old. Consequently, it burns quite of lot of oil when it is pushed. The give away is the 100 litre drum of oil in the Cratch!

The scenery is varied through this part of the Nene. Mostly, the river meanders along its course but there are stretches where it passes through limestone breaches. It’s mostly wooded and we saw lots of wildlife: swans in abundance, ducks, kingfishers, herons, thousands of dragonflies, etc.

Although the weather was cool and cloudy in the morning, it brightened up to be a sunny and warm afternoon. But the time we reached Fotheringhay, we were in tee shirts.

Fotheringhay is best known as the site of the execution of Mary Queen of Scots, but it was also the birthplace of Richard III; Fotheringhay Castle being the home of his parents, Richard of York and his wife Cecily. The parents are both buried in the splendid church up on the hill. I have a soft spot for Richard III. I agree with others that his reputation was trashed by the Tudors, so I’m always interested to learn more about him.

The moorings are below the church and just upstream of the bridge. They’re private, and there is a small fee, but they are perfectly sited. Hopefully, the pictures do it justice.

We ate at The Falcon Inn, the Falcon being the family crest of the York family. It’s a well recommended Gastropub and we had good beer and an excellent meal. I’ll do a Tripadvisor review when we get back, and it will be good.

Day Five

Day five saw us proceed from Fotheringhay to Ferry Meadows on the outskirts of Peterborough. This is a distance of 15 miles with six locks. It took us about six hours.

Another long cruise but we ended up only four miles from Peterborough. We could have carried on the Peterborough itself, but we wanted to stay at Ferry Meadows.

The moorings are in Overton Lake, one of the three sand and gravel pits that make up the park. We moored against pontoons just by the Visitor Centre and were immediately mobbed by dozens of squawking ducks and geese who are obviously used to being fed.

The weather was ok when we arrived but was going downhill all the time. We went for a walk around the park and got back just before it started to rain, hard!

Despite this, we ventured out to the local pub, a Beefeater, and had dinner.

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