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Nokomis Day Twelve

Irthlingborough to Wollaston

This was to be our last day on Nokomis so wanted it to be a good one. Luckily, the day proved to be sunny and warm so we made the most of it by cruising slowly up the river.

We stopped off at Wellingborough to empty the chemical toilet, dispose of the rubbish and refill the water tank. Once again, there were swans a-plenty.

You recall the dead sheep I mentioned back on Day One? Well, two of them were still there at Wellingborough Upper lock. We had told the Fire and Rescue people, another boater we spoke to had told the Environment Agency, but they were still there nearly two weeks later.

We got back to Wollaston and tidied the boat up before shutting everything down. We also had to lug back all the stuff we had taken with us. Nearly everything got used, apart from the BBQ, so we did need it all. There was just so much of it though.

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