Nokomis Day Nine

Fotheringhay to Oundle

As we were pressed for time on our way down river, we missed out a couple of places we wanted to see. The first was Oundle, the second was Waddenhoe. As we had broken the back of our journey back up river, we had time time to visit both. Today was a visit to Oundle.

The weather was variable, but we didn’t actually get wet during the cruise. We got to Oundle just after lunchtime and originally planned to moor up in the marina. Sadly, this was not to be as there were no free berths. We ended up mooring on the river at the Oundle Cruising Club moorings. This was fine. There was nobody else there and we had the place to ourselves.

After tidying up,and buying a replacement lock winder in the marina’s chandlery, we set off into Oundle. It was at this point that it started to rain!

The road into Oundle crosses a backwater via a very narrow bridge. The width limit is 2.1m but even with several warning signs there was ample evidence of people mis-judging the width. One of the limit bollards had a very deep dent in it and all were bare of paint on the inside edge.

We have previously passed through Oundle on the road and were looking forward to visiting what appeared to be quite an interesting little town. Close examination didn’t back this view up unfortunately. There was quite a lot of interesting architecture, but no information available. No plaques, no guides or signs, nothing.

We did get a very nice lunch in one of the coffee shops, but after that we were left with little to do. Naturally, we did visit Nene Valley Brewery and purchase a 4-pint takeout of DXB for consumption on the boat. We then hi-tailed back to the boat and settled down.

Not a particularly exciting day, but relaxing all the same.

Author: Gareth Howell

IT Professional, radio amateur, scout leader and beer drinker. I enjoy helping small business use their limited IT budgets to best effect