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Nokomis Day Eleven

Waddenhoe to Irthlingborough

The weather was pretty foul when we woke up so we took it slowly, in the hope that it would improve. It didn’t! There was a mixture of drizzle and driving rain during most of the journey. It finally let up as we approached Irthlingborough, but by that time we’d had enough. It was also cold.

Early in in the journey, we decided to light the stove so that at least we could warm up when we arrived. Of course, by the time we did, the weather had perked up and it was like a sauna in the saloon. Typical British weather.

Not needing to do anything, and having visited Irthlingborough on the way down river, we sat in the sunshine and had a few drinks whilst chatting to the skipper of the boat moored next to us. They had been away since early May and were on their way back to their winter mooring at Peterborough. During the summer, they’d been down to London, across to Bristol, up the Severn and across into Staffordshire, then up to Liverpool and finally back down the Grand Union and on to the Nene. Quite a journey.

Makes our little jaunt sound very puny. We’ve really enjoyed it though.

Tomorrow we head back to Wollaston via Wellingborough, and thus will end our first foray on a narrow boat. It won’t be the last, I’m sure of that.

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