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Back from the Haarlem Jamborette 2011

Back from the Haarlem Jamborette 2011

Wednesday night, late, I got back from one of the best, if not absolutely the best, Scout camps I have ever been to. The Haarlem Jamborette is held every four years on the outskirts of the city of Haarlem in the Netherlands in a nature area called Sparnewoode. It sounds like a nice place, butContinue Reading

Keeping tabs on Scouts

A couple of days ago, I came across the voice memo I made when a bunch of us Scout Leaders were “relaxing” at Green Beret late last year. Along with playing Bunnies and Spoons, we were discussing the problem of keeping Scout records up to date with all the events, camps, hikes, nights away, etcContinue Reading

Have your kids forgotten how to play?

I spent the weekend away with my Scout troop. We camped at Harmergreen Wood in Hertfordshire on our annual woodland camp. Part of our regular programme of activities is playing “Wide Games”. Wide games are generally games of strategy played in the open air over a large area. Typically, a game will involve two teamsContinue Reading