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Making progress again

OK, we got past the problem with the VCO. After tracing through the signals, I checked the levels on DIN and CLK against the indicative levels in the manual. They were the wrong way up! At this point I got on to the Elecraft mailing list and started asking questions. Luckily, Don Wilhelm W3FPR wasContinue Reading

Debugging the VCO part 2

After spending a bit more time this evening, it appears that the MCU is working OK. I can see logic level changes all the way through the chain from the MCU, via the PLL to the Low Pass Filter. That’s as far I got this evening. More to follow.

Ahhh, we have a problem

Testing the K2 Resistance checks Pass Assemble the Case and plug in the Front Panel and Control Board. It’s starting to look like a radio now. Isn’t it small! 4MHz Reference Oscillator Calibration Check The target is 12090 kHz +/- 30 kHz. Mine is running at 12099.45. Pass. PLL Reference Oscillator Range Test. Target rangeContinue Reading

The RF board is complete

OK, almost without realising it, I got to the end of page 55, turned over, and found that, in theory anyway, I have a working 40m all mode receiver. There are some tests to run through, but the first phase is reaching completion.

Back to Windows 7

Despite being a somewhat expert in Linux, I’ve gone back to Windows for my amateur radio PC. Linux was simply too much work to get going. Partly this down to me having far less time to mess about with the PC rather than actually operating. The aspect however is that I know Ham Radio DeluxeContinue Reading