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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Nokomis Day Eight

a challenging and frustrating day Day eight saw us cruising from Peterborough back to Fotheringhay; a distance of 19 miles and 7 locks that took just on seven hours. The day was challenging because of the weather. Although the rain had, largely, gone; it was extremely windy. Most of the time this wasn’t a problem,Continue Reading

Nokomis Days six and seven

Once again, I have consolidated two days into one as they are both related to being in Peterborough. Peterborough isn’t really a vacation destination for us; after all, it’s only 45 minutes up the road. That said, we’ve never spent any time there. Generally, we are either shopping or pub crawling 🙂 Thus, this wasContinue Reading

Nokomis Days Four and Five

Thrapston to Fotheringhay. 15 miles, 3 locks and Fotheringhay to Ferry Meadows. 15 miles, 6 locks [slideshow_deploy id=’567′] Day Four Day four saw us travelling from Thrapston to Fotheringhay; a distance of 15 miles and eight locks. It took us about six hours. We travelled further because we want to sure of being at PeterboroughContinue Reading

Nokomis days two and three

There’s not a lot to say about day two. We stayed moored up at Wellingborough Embankment and took a walk into Wellingborough. The weather was not very nice so we spent most of the time in a truly excellent pub: the Coach and Horses in Oxford Street. 10+ beers, 9 (I think) ciders, knowledgable staffContinue Reading

Day one on Nokomis

Day one on Nokomis

Adventures on the river For some time now, my brother in law’s friend has been suggesting that Varina and I take Nokomis away for a few days. Nokomis, named after Hiawatha’s grandmother, is a 49 foot narrow boat based on the River Nene near Wellingborough. It used to be a house boat but now sitsContinue Reading

Zen and the art of email management

Get in control of your email, before it gets control of you using Folders, Rules and the Getting Things Done methodology Last year, I gave a workshop to the Business Club Cambridge  on the subject of “Control your email, before it controls you”. The session was well attended and I thought it was a goodContinue Reading