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My name is Gareth Howell and this is my professional and personal website.

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Solving business and technical problems

Rather than style myself a Consultant, I prefer to position myself as a General Practitioner because my background means that I been exposed to a range of business and technology practices. I enjoy helping small and medium businesses to improve their business processes and Information Technology, using the wide body of knowledge and experience built up working for and in all sizes of businesses.

I’m always open to having a free flowing chat about business and technology issues. I don’t charge for these chats because to do so introduces an unnecessary barrier. Think of it like a visit to your family doctor. Even just talking can often help; even if it’s only to crystallise the actual issue.

If there is something concrete that I can do that will have a quantifiable impact on your business, we can put together an action plan and I can then make a concrete proposal. It’s all clear and open – no hidden charges.

On this site, you can find:

  • My Blog which ranges over the whole of my day to day life: business, technology, leisure activities etc. If you want to focus on one aspect, use the Categories list.
  • A set of pages that document various aspects of my Amateur Radio existence as M5KVK
  • A link to the output from my investgations into the history of the Howell Family